Miniature Horse Height Restrictions:  A-Div. 34" and under  
B-Div. over 34"up to and including 38"  
Membership is required to register miniature horses. 
 Membership and Horse Registration available online

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NameMember # if known

Membership New
RenewSpouse or Partner included-no extra fee

Regular Annual Membership 
$25 Includes Spouse or Partner at no additional fee.

Lifetime Member                    
$250 with  2  Free Registrations including hardship @ $75 each 
                                                                                   also includes Spouse or Partner  and Youths in household under 18
$10 one time fee Individual Membership (valid until Youth's   18th. Birthday
  Youth's name & Birthdate_
Coupons do not apply
  Total al Membership Fees


Registration for horses whose Dam is registered WCMHR, or the horse has been registered in another
recognized miniature horse registry, or both parents are or have been registered
in another recognized miniature horse registry.   If horse does not meet qualifications please see Hardship.

        2021 Foals                       $20 each      Stallions          Mares                                        
   Foaled in 2020                   
  $25  each 
     Stallions         Mares     
   Foaled in 2019                      $30  each
     Stallions         Mares     
   Foaled in 2018                      $35 each       Stallions         Mares     
   or earlier

   Geldings                               $20  each
  any age with/without pedigree
                                                                    cannot change registration back to a stallion.
   Show Pony                            $20  each
  any age with/without pedigree over 38" up to 48" not a miniature horse
   Hardship                              $75  each
 Horse does not meet the Registration Qualifications Pedigree not required.
    Total Registration  Fees
____________________________________________________                                                ____                  

        Transfers      X$15= Total if mailed or postmarked within 6 months of date of transfer

Late Transfers     X$15=
Total if mailed or postmarked after 6 months of date of transfer

Temporary Status to Permanent Status updated in the same year in which the horse or show pony became 3 years of age.
All horses become a year older on January 1st. of each year.
Update to Permanent Application is on the back of the original certificate. Fill in height, and sign on the designated line.
 Mark any changes, if any on the certificate,
including colors and sign the back .

           Update-- Stallions Mares    $10=Total       Total coupons do not apply
        Update to Permanent Status
after the year of the horse's third foaling date /or  after January 1st. of the third year.
           Update-- Stallions MaresGeldings X $10= Total
           Change Stallion to Gelding on Certificate    X $10=                  Total   Date Gelded 

with fees payable in US Funds or Fax (Fax with credit card only)   Grand Total
World Class Miniature Horse Registry, Inc.,
12009 Stewartsville Rd.
Vinton, VA 24179 Telephone:  (540) 890-0856   Fax: 866-217-0611

Check or Money Order Enclosed Payable in US Funds only  Write US besides amount on checks
or Credit Card Fill in credit card information after printing page
Mastercard___or Visa____ Card No._______________________________________Exp.___/_____

Cardholder's Name______________________________________Signature______________________________Date______

________CW2 -3-digit security code on back of credit card at the end of credit card numbers.

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